Reduce GHG Emissions

Where are your real opportunities for investment?

Evaluate your facilities and fleets for efficiency opportunities, renewable energy potentials and GHG source elimination.

Climate Positive Can Help You:

1. Quantify Your Consumption

  • Measure your energy, water, waste and procurement footprints.
  • Understand the impact your resource usage has on your business and the community.

2. Identify Opportunities

  • Define and prioritize key operational improvement opportunities, invest in improvements, and cut costs.

3. Analyze Costs & Benefits

  • Determine which solutions are best for you by calculating your financial return and life-cycle costs.

Measurable Results

  • Helped a Fortune 300 West Coast corporation improve its diversion rate from 51% to 73% over two years, diverting an estimated 1200 tons of material from the landfill.
  • Helped identify $700,000 in annual energy savings at a large food processing plant representing a 37% total ROI.
  • Identified $30,000 in annual energy savings for a leading health insurance provider.
  • Enabled Alameda County‚Äôs StopWaste to reduce waste to landfill by 10,000 tons via business assessments and implementation.

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