Our Commitment

Climate Positive is 100% owned by our Founder, David Jaber.  We are pleased to be a Certified B Corporation and are committed to the B Corp Net Zero by 2030 challenge.

Our vision of the world is 100% renewable-powered, 100% non-toxic, thriving, equitable and just.

Our mission is to analyze carbon footprints, craft climate strategies, and drive greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions in line with science-based targets and net zero goals. We generate the insights for better business decisions.

We are dedicated to getting results that not only meet the needs of our clients, but also the needs of life on the planet.

Our Team

Climate Positive Consulting

We are here to help you identify the best path to reducing your carbon emissions and achieving your climate positive accountability goals.

David Jaber

Principal and Founder

David is a business advisor of 20+ years, a Project Drawdown Fellow and the author of Climate Positive Business: How You and Your Company Hit Bold Climate Goals and Go Net Zero. He has worked with over 200 companies on environmental excellence and advancing better decision-making through climate strategy, carbon footprint analysis, and greenhouse gas reduction.

David holds an M.S. in Environmental Engineering from University of California at Berkeley and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Rice University.

Moshe Muller

Climate Consultant

Moshe is a proven sustainability professional with diverse experience supporting energy and environmental initiatives for the Departments of Energy, Defense and Interior as well as other energy, water, and land management organizations.

Moshe holds an undergraduate degree in economics and environmental studies from City University of New York and an MBA focusing on environmental and social sustainability from the University of Haifa.

Furkan Özkan

Climate Consultant

Furkan supports climate project management and execution. He has served as a energy project engineer and studied renewable energy systems engineering early in his education. As a sustainability consultant, he seeks to support clients to measure and decrease their carbon footprint, with a particular interest in driving innovation and tackling new challenges.

Furkan holds a B.S. in Energy Systems Engineering from İstanbul Bilgi University as well as a M.S. in Sustainable Development from Linköping University.

Razane Akil

Climate Consultant

Razane brings life cycle assessment and sustainability measurement experience to the Climate Positive Consulting team. She supports project implementation, data analysis and presentation of results to clients.

Razane recently completed her Environmental Engineering masters degree at the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences and looks forward to fully working in consulting.

Sienna Simkins

Climate Consultant

Sienna is a detail-oriented Climate Consultant specializing in data analytics and Greenhouse Gas Accounting and Reduction. She partners with clients to manage data intake, carbon footprint calculation, and the development of emissions reduction strategies. Her analytical expertise ensures high efficiency and accuracy in translating complex data into actionable insights for carbon reduction. Sienna holds a BA in Accounting from the University of Washington and an MS in Business Intelligence from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. Along with additional certifications in Carbon Accounting and Corporate Climate Reporting from Beyond her professional role, she actively volunteers at Citizens’ Climate Lobby, advocating for legislative change and educating her community on climate action.

Donya Saied

Marketing & Communications

Donya enhances our communications and hones our marketing efforts. She brings sharp writing skills, experience in environmental consulting, and a passion for making a good impression. In prior roles, she gained direct experience in all aspects of greenhouse gas inventories, approved environmental certifications for manufacturing companies, and provided external relations and professional writing for small businesses and nonprofit organizations. She earned her ISO 9001 auditor certification in 2013, holds a bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Conservation from University of California-Davis, and a master’s degree in Urban Planning from Cal Poly-SLO.

Miu Tam


Miu leads our bookkeeping and accounting. As the founder of Cloud n’ Books, Miu excels in leveraging web-based software and apps to streamline the accounting process and better organize complex accounting data and documents.

In addition to managing a business herself, she has provided accounting support to restaurants, beauty salons, consultants, real estate brokers, retail stores, trading companies, and non-profit organizations.

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