Climate Positive Consulting drives your climate strategy and GHG reduction

Measure your carbon footprint.

Analyze GHG

Generate insights into your major GHG impacts and contributors. This baseline becomes the basis of your climate actions.

Chart your climate course!

Craft Climate Strategy

Join the movement of businesses setting bold climate goals! We’ll help you navigate Science Based Targets, Net Zero, and how to work across the company to align on targets.

Drive GHG reductions.

Reduce GHG

Identify your most promising reduction opportunities. Calculate the investment needed to achieve climate goals. Project expected future emissions to discern progress toward your target.

Ask for guidance.

Get Strategic Advice

The proliferation of initiatives for aspiring and leading companies can be confusing: Science Based Targets, Net Zero, CDP reports, B Corporation status and so much more. We’ll help you evaluate where and how to get involved for the greatest impact.

We offer a range of services for climate strategy development, measuring GHG emissions.

  • Green building audits
Climate Positive book net zero science-based targets climate strategy

Climate Positive Business

How you and your company hit bold climate goals and go net zero

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