Craft Climate Strategy

Are your climate goals adequate?

Leading companies align their goals with our best understanding of the dramatic greenhouse gas reductions that we need to make, and these goals are referred to as Science Based Targets.

Climate Positive Can Help You:

1. Understand Your Performance

  • Conduct your baseline year greenhouse gas inventory.
  • Do custom analysis to understand the harder-to-quantify contributors: Scope 3 upstream impacts of purchased goods and services, vehicle fleet, product freight, refrigerants and more.

2. Progress Towards Goals

  • Model the climate impact of reduction strategies and actions 5 – 15 years forward in time to assess progress toward SBTs.
  • Design and implement interventions in the supply chain to drive progress forward.

3. Develop Metrics and Feedback Systems

  • Design tools to measure performance and progress.
  • Review management software options to effectively gather relevant data.

Measurable Results

  • Guided a natural foods client through SBT requirements, and supported Scope 1/2/3 inventory development.  A crucial portion of the effort was modeling future emissions, pinpointing how much future emissions are likely to change in response to GHG reduction efforts.
  • Conducted extensive investment analysis around efficiency and renewables actions required for a Fortune 1000 client to hit its Science Based Target aspirations.  We also guided client through SBT requirements and helped client point of contact present to management.

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