Analyze GHG

Chart of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

How much climate benefit do you create through good practices?

How much does your supply chain contribute to climate change?

Climate Positive Can Help You:

1. Quantify Your Emissions

  • Take inventory of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in your facilities and supply chain.
  • Identify exactly where your major impacts lie.

2. Develop Reduction Strategies

  • Identify efficiency opportunities, renewable potential and their return on investment (done properly, climate action has returns!).
  • Employ Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) where additional investment is needed.
  • Invest in RECS and voluntary offsets as your last resort.

3. Tell Your Story

  • Create a fact-driven and evidence-based story around your GHG strategy and climate action success to address the concerns of your stakeholders.
  • Get third-party validation of your claims.
  • Be eligible for recognition from peers and leading reporting programs.

Measurable Results

Effectively helped a U.S. home furnishings company retain 20% of their business by meeting the greenhouse gas reporting requirements of a major customer.

Created an efficiency audit protocol for and electrical components manufacturer, including estimation of potential savings and mock facility audits to identify opportunities in the field.

Designed a GHG supply-chain reporting and reduction system for a global natural foods company to further position itself as a sustainability leader.

Pinpointed the major GHG contribution areas for a U.S. based fair-trade cooperative, including a site audit to identify improvement opportunities on the plant floor.

Created a GHG reduction strategy, including calculations of potential climate improvements, after building a supplier factory-through-distribution GHG inventory for a prominent outdoor goods company.