What our clients have to say about the Climate Positive team:

David has been an amazing person and resource to work with. He has been able to crack a code of sustainability that many others just talk about. We have been so happy with our relationship with David and highly recommend him to anyone interested in his field of work. He’s a star.”CEO, Restaurant Chain

“David is a brilliant sustainability professional. He has an impeccable command of details. He synthesizes complex issues and relates them back to short and long term goals. “  VP, Sustainability Consulting Firm

“This is the best work I’ve seen since I have been here.” – VP of Supply Chain, Manufacturing Industry

“We could not have done it without you!”Sustainability Manager, Food Processing

In all my working career, I’ve never experienced anyone working more diligently than David Jaber.  In my opinion, he is worth more than his weight in gold!”  Tribal Planning Director

“David was always able to find opportunities for waste reduction no matter what the type of manufacturer or product. David has done a great deal of work since that requires even more ingenuity and analytical skill, particularly in the complex world of greenhouse gas inventories and climate action plan development.”   CEO, Marketing Firm

David has consistently produced top quality work and is very thorough…. anyone who contracts him for work will be delighted in the results.” Project Manager, Engineering Firm

“Our Climate Positive contact is one of the best consultants that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He is not only enjoyable and efficient; he is also an expert in many areas of sustainability.”

His work is always on time (or early) and his project management helped us get in front of needs that we had not anticipated. . . . I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again and recommend him without reservation.” –  Communications Manager, Joint Powers Authority

“[David’s] role as performance evaluator has been crucial to the measurable outcomes of the planning work. David is detail oriented and timely. His deep knowledge about First Nations’ challenges and climate change adaptation strategies gives him a uniquely broad and deep perspective to apply to his work.”   Project Lead, Planning Firm

“David is very adept at keeping things on track and has amazing attention to detail. I was impressed at his thoroughness and follow-through during our collaboration in writing a powerful proposal for the Sustainable Communities planning grant. He kept the “big picture” together and it is no doubt this played a major factor in our success.”   Regional Coordinator, Planning Firm