Mejuri : client spotlight

Instagram photos from Mejuri are distinctive for their beauty-enhancing jewelry! Mejuri has also been winning admirers for its ethical and environmentally responsible business practices. Honored to serve as expert advisors to Mejuri since 2021, Climate Positive Consulting has seen Mejuri successfully achieve notable emissions reductions on a per revenue basis. As noted in their 2022 sustainability…

Supply-Chain GHG Reduction for Lifestyle Brand

"Lifestyle brands" is a term to which many companies are gravitating. But what does it actually mean? Lifestyle brands focus on a specific group – as highlighted in this Medium…

Drawing Carbon Out of Air Into Soil, Part 2 – Raising Livestock

The carbon farming techniques of Part 1 touch on crops, but not on the role of livestock in carbon sequestration. Here we have dissonance. We've heard for decades about the…

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