Mejuri : client spotlight

Instagram photos from Mejuri are distinctive for their beauty-enhancing jewelry! Mejuri has also been winning admirers for its ethical and environmentally responsible business practices. Honored to serve as expert advisors to Mejuri since 2021, Climate Positive Consulting has seen Mejuri successfully achieve notable emissions reductions on a per revenue basis. As noted in their 2022 sustainability…

What Happened at Climate Week NYC?!

"If you don’t work with indigenous people, it doesn’t matter how much profit you make. You will lose the war [on the earth]” – Rukka Sombolinggi, Indigenous Peoples Alliance of…

What’s Happening With the GHG Protocol?

Over the past year, the GHG Protocol—today's most widely used GHG accounting standard— has been undergoing an overhaul. This is timely, given the core protocol was developed in 2004 and…

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