asks, “What’s your Business Carbon Footprint?”


In major business news, Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, announced in its latest annual sustainability report that it will require its own suppliers and the sellers using its e-commerce platform to disclose their carbon emissions, starting in 2024. Amazon’s annual sustainability report also states that it achieved its first ever reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, if small, with a decline of 0.4%. Given its tremendous size, global reach, and history of growth, Amazon’s carbon footprint is of great interest to many.

Climate Positive Consulting will work with companies striving to harmonize with Amazon in achieving their climate goals. With 100+ satisfied clients from cutting-edge startups to established firms traded on the NYSE, in an array of industry sectors, we have demonstrated confidence in our greenhouse accounting, reporting, and reduction. A leading firm with expertise in carbon footprint and climate strategy, Climate Positive Consulting is watching for the specifics of Amazon’s greenhouse gas program, and will share details once released. It is likely that the Amazon program will build on existing emissions reporting platforms and frameworks.

Amazon joins Walmart and Target in asking suppliers to measure their business carbon footprints. All three major US retailers now track and report their climate change related emissions.