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March 28, 2024 by Donya Saied (UPDATE)

We are excited to report new GHG training resources are available as Climate Positive Consulting’s impact has expanded into professional-level education! David Jaber, our Founder and Principal, has been teaching at two outstanding traditional universities: University of California-Berkeley Extension, and University of Wisconsin-Madison, Interdisciplinary Professional Programs. We have also partnered with exciting climate career start-up (pronounced “Terra dot do”). is a popular education disrupter emphasizing rapid, hands-on skills acquisition and a network exclusively for professionals seeking to advance their careers in implementing climate solutions.

Learn more about the content of our corporate carbon accounting classes below. Note that the dates and times of each class are found at the corresponding “Details and Registration” link (updated by the hosting institution prior to each offering).

Join us at University of California-Berkeley for our 10-week, Monday evening course! Offered live online through UC Berkeley Extension, Climate Positive Consulting’s founder David Jaber serves as the instructor of “Carbon Management and Business Strategy.” Participants will learn how successful companies integrate climate considerations into their broader operations and organizational goals. Highlights of the course include exploring real-world case studies that demonstrate ways thriving businesses respond to climate change, examining best practices for credible emissions reductions, discussing a variety of established reporting platforms (e.g., CDP, CSR Reporting, GRI), and sharing insights into the brand image management considerations for climate-related claims.

Title: Carbon Management and Business Strategy
Details & Registration: here
Course textbook: on the Routledge Publishing website

If you need a university setting, continuing education credits, or professional development hours with your carbon emissions training, “Carbon Strategy, Management and Reduction” hosted by the UW-Madision has all three. The course is taught over 10 weeks, meeting Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Expert David Jaber of Climate Positive Consulting will help you build the practical, hands-on corporate GHG accounting and management skills he’s refined after 20+ years of sustainability consulting. We are thrilled to be partnering with the skillful Leila Nattagh of W2R Solutions on the delivery of the course topics:

– Strategies to minimize risks & maximize opportunities from climate
– New product opportunities, enhanced supply chain engagement & brand image
– Best practices in reporting emissions & impacts (e.g., CDP, TCFD)
– Real-world case studies from a wide variety of industrial sectors

Title: Carbon Strategy, Management, & Reduction (RA01858-D327)
Details & Registration: here
Course textbook: on Routledge Publishing website

CSR Managers, ESG Managers, and others in the corporate world seeking new greenhouse gas skills could find this class a great fit! Focused on the rapid gain of practical skills, “Carbon Accounting and Reduction” is a four-week online course that meets live Thursday mornings, and is taught by David Jaber, corporate GHG expert and sustainable business consultant of 20+ years. The course features hands-on GHG accounting exercises, real world case studies in reducing corporate carbon footprints, and writing of your own corporate climate action plan! Additionally, you join a dynamic global network of like-minded professionals seeking to implement climate solutions on the platform.

Title: Carbon Accounting and Reduction
Details & Registration: here
Course textbook: on the Routledge Publishing website

No Time for a Class? Read Our Book!

Enjoy learning at your own pace with our business book, Climate Positive Business: How You and Your Company Hit Bold Climate Goals and Go Net Zero! Written in a conversational tone, the book is a guided tour through the important considerations CEOs and upper management need to make in setting meaningful yet achievable greenhouse gas reductions. Order from the Routledge Press website or your favorite book seller.

ORIGINAL POST: June 1, 2023 by David Jaber

Multiple inquirers have recently asked us where they might get GHG accounting training to bolster their in-house skills. Our list is not as comprehensive as we’d like, but the mix of on-demand, live and in-person that we can offer is:

We’d like to be able to make stronger recommendations. Do you have other programs that you would recommend? We’re particularly interested to hear about university continuing education programs.

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