LCA Analytics Results

Building Construction

Opportunity: In international development, there’s an opportunity to design buildings right and avoid the embodied carbon from GHG intensive building materials

Process: Working with Ecocity Builders, Climate Positive staff analyzed three building systems to understand tradeoffs and provide guidance on the best building choices in different situations.

Results: Armed with our findings, Ecocity Builders was able to provide building guidance into an overall ecocity development strategy co-developed with the community.


Opportunity: Innovative product leader needed a third-party assessment of the footprint of their products

Process: Leading the charge, Climate Positive staff came up with 12+ product footprints by evaluating the GHG impacts of the feedstocks, applying emission factors, conducting quality control and weaving results together in both Excel and written report form for validation.

Results: Client gained credible claims to help highlight their products.

Feed Supplements

Opportunity: Air quality, water quality and other ecosystem markets present an opportunity to monetize and further incentivize goods and services that deliver air, water, and/or ecosystem improvements.

Process: Climate Positive quantified product lifecycle impacts and researched environmental services for a livestock feed additive producer to help monetize benefits and create new product markets. In support of the project, we performed staff interviews to build an understanding of market conditions, analyzed current literature to quantify environmental benefits of client products, and developed a detailed spreadsheet to calculate life-cycle benefits in a presentable, auditable and verifiable way.

Results: Client gained insight into the magnitude of benefits for their range of projects, and identified the products and markets holding their major opportunities.

Chemical Manufacturing

Opportunity: In world where new product eco-labels are constantly emerging, how can consumers really understand what’s truly environmentally friendly?

Process: For a client, Climate Positive helped develop a life-cycle assessment tool for household cleaners. In compiling this tool, we inventoried ingredients used in clean products, performed a literature research on chemical impacts and potential proxies, and identified relevant life-cycle inventory data. The spreadsheet style analytical tool equipped users to calculate different product scores and through a simple user interface that allowed for data entry of specific parameters.

Results: Client gained a user-friendly tool to rank and compare different cleaning products, which informed their decision-making and enabled them to reward high performers.

Food Processing Startup

Opportunity: A start-up tech company wanted to answer the question “What is the carbon footprint of a meal”?

Process: Climate Positive helped architect a system to integrate together carbon footprint of ingredients, transport, and packaging using life cycle assessment resources.

Results: Startup gained insight into how to build tools to support the core of its mission