GHG Reduction Results

Fortune 1000 – Food Processor

Opportunity: A Fortune 1000 food processing company had a draft plan to reduce the greenhouse gas footprint of its facilities. Their key questions: How much will it cost? What’s the return on investment?

Process: Our effort uniquely focused on quantifying the investments required in efficiency and renewables for our Fortune 1000 client to hit its Science Based Target aspirations, to better communicate the financials involved.  We also guided client through SBT requirements and helped client point of contact present to management

Results: Client is poised to make investments and continuing on to more deeply explore Scope 3 emissions and opportunities. Stay tuned!

Start-Up – Health & Wellness

Opportunity:  A lifestyle brand with lofty mission sought to better understand its climate impacts.

Process: In supporting the brand, Climate Positive’s crucial role was in analyzing Scope 3 emissions, drawing on lifecycle analysis to provide a screening level assessment of the different ingredients and feedstocks going into product

Results:  Lifestyle brand client gained real insights, pinpointing key concerns within the supply chain, such as the significant impact of packaging associated with certain products and an understanding of where transport does or does not make significant contributions.

Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturers

Opportunity: GHG reduction potential lies in many places. Use Reusables was searching for a way to reduce massive amounts of waste in the shipping and transport packaging that most people never see.

Process: Climate Positive provided technical support around business use of reusable packaging in transport and shipping. Tasks included cost-benefit tool development, grant program development support, greenhouse gas savings quantification, marketing to potential implementers, and implementation guidance through reusables pilot projects.

Results: Collectively, the Use Reusables team successfully engaged over one hundred companies, saved over 2,000 metric tons of GHG emissions, and conducted eight workshops and webinars over three years.  Climate Positive was recognized as a key partner in realizing this success.

Tribal Enterprise

Opportunity:  Sovereignty is of paramount importance to Native American tribes, reflecting the ability to determine their future for themselves. Energy independence is a promising pathway to strengthen tribal sovereignty, tapping the variety of efficiency and renewable energy options that are now very affordable.

Process: For a client tribe, Climate Positive staff led the creation of a strategic energy plan, scoping out the vision, objectives, and projects in concert with the tribal council. Core to plan development was conducting an assessment of energy use, quantifying annual consumption of electricity, propane and gasoline.  Another major piece of the effort was scoping out size, cost, production and payback time for solar and wind investments.

Results: Still emerging from this ongoing project. Stay tuned!

Energy Utility

Opportunity: A West Coast utility sought to reduce the footprint of its service centers that maintain energy distribution system

Process: Climate Positive staff led site audits to advance zero waste,  including improvement opportunity identification, site engagement and analysis, and advancing recommendations with service providers.

Results: Diversion company-wide increased from 50% to 61% in one year, representing over 1,000 tons of material diverted from landfill and >1,000 tons of related GHG benefits.